Origination, Remarketing & Trading

Castlelake’s origination, remarketing and aircraft trading team is focused on captive investment sourcing and identifying aviation investments across the globe. The team is also accountable for remarketing specific aircraft and engines as they come off lease. This dual function is critical in the firm’s ability to manage the investment opportunity from beginning to end.


Since inception in 2005, funds and investment platforms managed by Castlelake have acquired more than 600 aircraft and underwritten more than $100 billion in aviation investment opportunities. The underwriting team evaluates each investment opportunity from a credit and underlying aircraft asset and market perspective. This team performs a detailed, quantitative analysis of each investment opportunity prior to acquisition.

Asset & Technical Management

The asset and technical management teams deliver world-class expertise at both the underlying carrier and aircraft level. The asset management team is accountable for day-to-day interaction with Castlelake’s broad carrier customer base. The technical team is comprised of aviation engineers and technical personnel that provide proactive management of the maintenance events throughout the ownership of each aircraft.

Our Team

The aviation team consists of experts in interconnected specialties. The team strategically simplifies every stage of the aircraft leasing and purchasing process to deliver value to Castlelake's partners.